Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Things

 I woke up very early today and as I sit here pondering everything I have gone thru over the past year, the words "ALL THINGS work together for those who love God". I know many others who are going thru various struggles and must sit and wonder everyday like I do, ..."Why?".... People all have a free will to do what they want, when they want. Me personally, I want answers and fixes NOW. 

But God reminds me that he has a plan for me and wants to FIX my situation...NOW... But given the fact that he gave us all a free will, sometimes even God waits on others to do what needs to be done; those things that will effect my situation positively. People use the phrase " the planets must have been all aligned". Well I just realized that various peoples actions need to be aligned in order for Gods plan for me to take place. 

Even my own! God won't "force" anyone to do anything. So rather than pray for an instant microwaved miracle, pray that God leads those who can take steps that " work for your good, in your situation", to actually take those steps. Pray he opens their heart to your situation and gives them wisdom. Instead of planets aligning, its more hearts and minds aligning. Then pray for patience for yourself and don't dwell. Do what you need to do to effect your situation, and keep busy. In a year from now, this time in your life will seem short and incidental.