Thursday, February 20, 2014

Remember Who We Are

 Another early morning with a head full of thoughts. I was thinking of everything I have been thru over the past 7 years and especially over the past last year. And I think to myself "WOW". There must be a plan for my life.

And then I started to think about my sons and what they have been thru and how they each are constructed similarly but different. And then I started to think about my all my nieces and nephew and who they are and what they all have become, and I realized; "I'm just a part of a bigger plan and along for the ride!" My father, their grandfather, must be so proud.

Let me start in order by age. Nicole, raising two of the funniest girls on the planet and is an RN. She is like the older sister to all of the rest and keeps them in line. Aric, has two great kids, awesome guitar/bass player, went to Iraq and God covered him, and then lived thru a parachute malfunction and fell to the earth to live. Where was the news to cover that. Aaron, created a clone of himself in Jude, and gave me my first biological grand-daughter Olivia. He grew up in the shadow of his big brother less than a year older, could be a supermodel, took a missions trip and came back looking like Forrest Gump, dedicated his life to missions work in Africa, and now has degrees that I don't even know the names of.

Justin, he is more like me than he will ever admit. He is a teacher, worship leader, and never can sit still, even when sitting in a chair. He carries a calling on his life that I don't think he even understands yet. I see so much of many of his ancestors who were in ministry in him each Sunday. AndrewandJulia Montgomery (or as I like to call him Andrew) graduated high school early to join the Army and was deployed 3 times and lived! He was blown up on his last deployment but fully protected and healed by only the grace of God. I remember when he was a baby and my Uncle Larry spoke some prophethic words over him in church about how he would meet world leaders an have their favor, and that he would help others, even his own brothers. Yesterday he came back from his second visit with President  George W. Bush  as he does work to help other Wounded Warriors. All while raising three kids.

Adam Mark Montgomery, the most creative and talented of the bunch. He can do anything he sets his mind to. He is an brilliant artist, can create bows an arrows from literally a hunk of wood that can sell for thousands of dollars. He can catch fish out of a ditch if he had too. He can climb a tree like a cat. He is the one who will probably feed us all should the world come to and end. Chelsea, she had physical setbacks before she was even born, but the hand of God had plans for her. She is the most intelligent of the bunch. She graduated with a computer science degree and is going for more. She could literally take on any job passed by her. She can program and work circles around her father and me.

Alan, OK so he is close to being the smartest one right up there with Chelsea. He too graduated early to join the Army. He had the opportunity to go to Washington DC and work in intelligence, but opted to go infantry and protect our freedoms here. He went thru two brutal deployments and saw his best friend taken out by a sniper. I call him "Little Richard" because he is the most like my father. He is quiet, but speaks his mind in wisdom when he needs to. Then there is Jillian. Jillian can shoot a gun better than me or any of her military sniper trained cousins. She is quiet, kind hearted, very smart, loves her father, will do anything you ask her with a simple answer of "sure". She loves to hunt but could never shoot or harm an animal. She just simply loves the outdoors. And then last is Mikayla. I remember having recreations of the Barney show while at dinner every night when she was young. Now she has in my opinion, the best singing voice in the family. When she sings, it is genuine. She may forget that when she was little that she proclaimed me her favorite uncle because I was funny, but I haven't.

So I think about my problems, and I realize I have no problems. I think about how proud my father, their grandfather must be and was when he walked on this earth. Over the past several months I have spent time staying at the lakehouse and looking at the "walls" of family pictures in the dining room. I saw many pictures of him with some of you. Especially you Jillian and Chelsea. He had a very special fondness for both of you for some reason. I have seen many pictures of him holding you with his face right up to his. You could see a look in his eyes. The same look I saw when he would hold all of you. You all made his life complete and I am sure he still has that look each and every day as he looks down from above on you now. You all have a special advocate in Heaven that makes sure God keeps an extra layer of protection on you. As I am learning that problems are only opportunities for God to help us work thru. Always remember who you are, and where you came from. We are a special family because of one man.

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