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Respect Boundaries Around You

I've been watching on the news today about how people leaving the White House last night were basically attacked. Then I began to think about how different groups have harassed other people who happen to be in the public eye while they were out to dinner with their family or something like that. And that's seeing pretty horrific at the time. But with the way that political incited violence has taken over literally everything now, it makes you wonder what would drive people to be that bold to actually get in someone's face and disrespect their space or boundaries so easily. So I sit and read some more articles and it begins to come to my attention this is a problem that has been developing for the past 50 years now. I can remember when I grew up with some situations were just not talked about because they didn't need to be talked about. It was not any of my business, it was not of my family's business, it just wasn't anybody else's business. No matter who you

Today I Heard My Father's Voice

A long time ago in a past life, I used to work with a man who taught me many things about business. The thing that I remember the most from him is a acronym "HALT". The first time he said that to me I looked at him strangely. This man and myself that just come from a large company that offered to sell a portion of their website business to us. It was the deal of the century, but we would also be renovating thousands of churches websites in the meantime. So there was going to be a lot of time invested on my part in a lot of money on his part. Two days after the meeting we learned that the company had decided not to sell that portion of the business. Normally it would be like oh well. But in this particular situation it became personal because I was friends with a person sitting on the other side of the table representing the other company. My immediate reaction was to drive to Philadelphia, and really do nothing except make the situation worse. My other business partner told m

God's Got Your Back

David’s Song of Praise  2 Samuel 22   David sang this song to the Lord on the day the Lord rescued him from all his enemies and from Saul.  He sang: “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;  my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me,     and my place of safety. He is my refuge, my savior, the one who saves me from violence. I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and he saved me from my enemies. The waves of death overwhelmed me; floods of destruction swept over me. The grave wrapped its ropes around me; death laid a trap in my path. But in my distress I cried out to the Lord; yes, I cried to my God for help. He heard me from his sanctuary; my cry reached his ears. Then the earth quaked and trembled. The foundations of the heavens shook; they quaked because of his anger. Smoke poured from his nostrils; fierce flames leaped from his mouth. Glowing coals blazed forth from him. He opened the heavens and came down; dark storm clo


  Did you ever reach a point in life where you are just at a point of “OK, now what to do with my life”? As I think back on my life. I’m not too old but old enough. I have been through some of the most incredible moments in my life that I could only hope would last forever.  And then I have been through times when I could only hope that I could just move on to the next thing because I have had enough of that portion of my life. 1 There is a time for everything.     There’s a time for everything that is done on earth. (Good and Evil) 2 There is a time to be born.     And there’s a time to die. There is a time to plant.     And there’s a time to pull up what is planted. 3 There is a time to kill.     And there’s a time to heal. There is a time to tear down.     And there’s a time to build up. 4 There is a time to weep.     And there’s a time to laugh. There is a time to be sad.     And there’s a time to dance. 5 There is a time to scatter stones.     And there’s a time to gather them. Th