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Monday's Miracle

 In 2007 I had my first major heart attack. I had horrible heart disease and did not know it.  Now we know it's completely from a genetic mutation I have called MTHFR gene mutation. It causes me to develop tumors on my adrenals which led to undiagnosed Cushing's Disease. 

I had 23 blockages in my heart so they did quintuple bypass surgery. Since then I have had well over 20 surgeries, 15 stents, lost my colon, went blind in my right eye, and suffered 4 strokes from a newly discovered PFO or hole in my heart between my atrium chambers. 

Nobody, and I mean dozens of cardiologists have not been able to open up these three main coronary arteries for the past 13 years. On Monday  at Wake Forest I had a new team of cardiac surgeons and cardiologist Interventional specialists perform a procedure called rotoblation in my heart. Literally a diamond head drill boring out closed vessels.

They opened up every artery that was plugged since 2007 that they had done all the bypasses for. All those bypass grafts are now  completely closed off and calcified and my body was absorbing them. I had a ICD implanted in May but it just made me feel worse because it forces my heart to beat properly but I wasn't getting blood flow in my heart. So it was like an engine being revved with no oil. Very painful. 

Before Monday I was literally dying and it was horrible. My congestive heart failure was off the charts and my lungs had been filling up with fluid over the past year. Today they are clear. Even if this surgery was successful I was still supposed to get a heart transplant according to the " algorithm" of my case history. 

Immediately  during the surgery I was able to breathe and the 13 year nonstop chest pain stopped. It is like a brand new heart to me it's incredible how well I feel how focused I am and it's just amazing God did a huge thing in my life. I can't even begin to describe how easily I can breathe now and I have no chest pain at all. No more nitro tabs. 

My brain is also like brand new. I suffered from confusion the past year that made it difficult for me to simply hold my own. Let alone be in public or drive. God guided their hands on Monday. This is a permanent fix. A  post cannot describe what we went thru or how much healing has just taken place in my body and mind. #sarcasmfreemessage #worshipmatters


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