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The Breath of God Interrupted My Funeral

They were walking around my casket looking at me. It's been just a little bit over 3 weeks now. I had just come from a heart catherization. And the doctor told us that there was really nothing more that they could do for me except this new "roto-rooter" type procedure. They wanted to schedule it for the following Monday in hopes that they could buy me some more time and get me I'm heart transplant list protocol. Because that was what was in the algorithm, as it was explained.

For the past 13 years I've been up and down and back and forth with heart disease and failure. The doctors could never understand how at such a young age I had such severe stage four heart disease. But somehow I always came through every procedure alive over the past 13 years.

But this time something was different. The risks were higher and the reality of transplant was greatly more worrisome. I wasn't worried about what would happen with me if I died. I was worried what would happen to my family around me and how they would react, grieve, adjust, and just get through that period of time that most of us have been through in our lives when we have lost a loved one. So the enemy jumped all over that and I started to believe that my time on earth was less than 7 days away.

During the next 7 days every emotion that you could think of was thrown at me. And not only me but at my wife and my kids. The procedure that I was going to have had great risk but also great reward. Not only that it was last chance. And everybody knew it. But something seemed different this time, something like never fell before in the dozens of other procedures similar to this.

I literally updated what little life insurance I had and made sure that my current address was listed, as well as just going through various things with different people in my life to make sure that things work good on this side  The devil had thrown everything at me and I was falling right into it. But at some point in a later part of that week I began to have encounters with God on a regular basis throughout the day. Just small but more meaningful encounters than I had ever had in my whole life. All well just sitting at home. No lights, no cameras, no microphones, no instruments, no choir, just me and God. 

By two days before my surgery God had really shown up in my life. My life was changed like I've never thought it could be. Because I thought I had been changed so much before. On that Saturday afternoon before surgery, I was scrolling around YouTube and found this video called "Rattle". It occurred to me that God was calling my dry bones back to life while I watched and listened to this video. Something happened big time at our house that day. But the enemy didn't even see it coming.

You see every demon that has been assigned to my life without partying that Saturday and Sunday. They thought that they had finally destroyed me and God's plan for my life. They dug a grave. They picked out a casket for me. And they began to dance around my grave. But God had other plans.

During that same time life began to flow back into me from a word of God as He spoke it. By the time Monday came around I had a very weird peace as I went into the hospital with my wife. The person ahead of me having the exact same procedure had to have emergency open heart surgery because they had ruptured through thier heart. I only know this for a fact because it was my doctor who told me that it was a fact because he was the doctor who performed the procedure. But the person had lived. I was very shaken and he was very shaken. He was literally sitting on my hospital bed while I was sitting in a chair by the window. And I believe it was God speaking through him looked directly in the eyes and said "but you need this to save your life". 

An even greater calm came over me. And I could see the look in my doctor's eyes that he was at peace as well, and that everything was going to work. The only request that I asked him was that he would go and tell my wife that I was not the person that they had called out the code blue over the intercom because I'm sure she heard it and was freaking out. But thank God she was actually out praying with somebody else in the waiting room at the time. Just like ever time we go to Walmart 

So fast forward 3 hours that I barely can remember, and I woke to the news that they were successful. Not only successful but opened up three vessels that were calcified for the past 13 years. God's hand literally guided them through three vessels. I say it again three vessels that had been calcified in my heart for 13 years that I had had over 20 procedures for, and no one was able to do the job. I had my chest cracked open and 5 bypasses run, only to have them close off. God himself literally guided my doctor's hands through my heart to perform a miracle. When I woke up I guarantee you that a bunch of demons got fired. They were literally dancing over my grave when God pulled me out and made me a new creature both physically and spiritually in front of them.

I still have some challenges outside if my heart, but that's just God working out putting flesh on my dry bones so that they can live again. 

Stay tuned.


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